Isabelle Weiss in the NEXT:SPACE gallery with work from Colin Tury, Nicholas Tilma and Line Studio.  Photo by Dante Rionda.

Isabelle Weiss in the NEXT:SPACE gallery with work from Colin Tury, Nicholas Tilma and Line Studio. Photo by Dante Rionda.


‘Isabelle Weiss is the de facto contemporary design guru of Detroit.’ - Architectural Digest

Founded in 2014, NEXT:SPACE is the leading purveyor of bespoke and limited edition furniture, lighting and functional objects in Detroit, MI. Developed to further the legacy of important design in Detroit, NEXT:SPACE presents forward-thinking furniture from studio designers shaping the evolution of design.

NEXT:SPACE was founded by appraiser and design curator, Isabelle Weiss, really out of necessity. Despite the rich history of design in Detroit, in 2014 there were no galleries focused on functional design. And so, Isabelle was compelled to create a new platform, a “living archive” of the people, objects and stories that shape the next generation of important furniture design in Detroit and Michigan.

In her role at NEXT:SPACE, Isabelle sees herself as a “future historian” - presenting and documenting Detroit design today so it is remembered and valued in the future. This perspective was born from Isabelle’s studies in the History of Art and her subsequent career as an appraiser with a boutique international auction house. Specializing in mid-20th century art and design, her studies in design history and work with iconic mid century furniture, led to her interest in building a platform for contemporary design that pushes Michigan’s design legacy to new and exciting territory for the next generation of designers and collectors alike.

Working with over a dozen designers, Isabelle has produced exhibitions and other curatorial projects; guided collectors in acquiring bespoke and custom furniture, lighting and objects; and produced important press projects telling the story of Detroit design, past, present and future. Including Detroit: City of the Past, City of Tomorrow with Surface Magazine published in May 2019 for The Legacy Issue which also featured stories of Maya Lin, Carine Roitfeld, Alessandro Alessi and other icons of contemporary design.

While building NEXT:SPACE, Isabelle has worked with other local markets including real estate development, architecture and interior design - to better understand the people and practices that shape Detroit’s community and economy. All along, promoting the importance of fostering art and design to shape a better future for the city.

In addition to NEXT:SPACE, Isabelle is the founder of CollectorAnonymous , an art appraisal and advising agency assisting in all aspects of building a fine art and design collection - from acquisition to documentation and archival work to valuation. Isabelle specializes in contemporary art and design with a focus on researching and defining uncommon and emerging markets. With almost a decade of experience, Isabelle develops ISA and USPAP compliant valuation reports for insurance coverage, resale value, charitable donation and estate tax liability appraisals for a wide range of collectors.

Through her appraisal work, Isabelle garners unique, real-time market insight that aids the growth of NEXT:SPACE as a sincere and focused platform for collectible design.

Isabelle's interest in art, design and economics began at Cranbrook - where she graduated from the Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School -  and continued throughout her studies at the University of Michigan, from which she received a BA in The History of Art and Linguistics. Isabelle continues her education in appraisal practice and methodology through the International Society of Appraisers.